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Construction, Engineering and Manufacturing


HS2 is the UK’s biggest and most ambitious piece of transport infrastructure for 30 years. It will be the biggest building project in Europe. The construction phase alone represents a massive opportunity for companies working through the construction industry in the HS2 East region. Securing a contract to build the new line, new stations and the range of related ancillary infrastructure will stimulate a huge need for workers with the right skills. 

Once HS2 is in operation the opportunities will be even greater. Communities across HS2 East are well resourced with the tools and expertise that the UK’s new high speed rail industry will need. In Wakefield, almost 900 engineering firms, ranging from large to small, specialist contractors and rail specialists to international groups, will provide the technical engineering services to keep the trains running on time and the innovative knowledge economy to help turn the UK into a high speed rail leader. In return, these businesses will be supercharged by new supply chain opportunities and investment which HS2 will bring. The story is similar throughout the region.

In addition, there is a wealth of new infrastructure being invested in as a result of HS2 - urban renewal projects, local transport development, housing and office construction. Without HS2, much of this would not be happening.  

The HS2 East region includes some of the UK’s densest concentrations of manufacturing. The connectivity provided by HS2 will enable businesses to attract essential inward investment, provide jobs for a skilled workforce, and promote innovation and entrepreneurialism through collaboration, connectivity and competition.

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