HS2 East: connecting potential, driving growth


HS2 East - Connecting Britain
HS2 East - Connecting Britain


From the East Midlands to Nottinghamshire, South and West Yorkshire and beyond into the North East and Scotland, cities, towns and counties are gearing up for the once in a lifetime opportunity that HS2 will bring. HS2 promises new growth for our economies, new markets for our businesses and a better future for our communities.

The Eastern Leg of HS2 is the essential catalyst that will grow our integrated economy into a major international powerhouse: closely connected, highly productive, a destination for highly skilled workers and a key driver of the national economic rebalancing that is so vital for the future of the UK.

It will create the pro-investment, business-orientated conditions to build secondary infrastructure, catalyse growth and deliver better social outcomes across the whole region. It will boost our manufacturing heartlands and help promote a new manufacturing revolution.

Because it offers so much, we cannot let this opportunity go to waste.

HS2 East has formed to make sure the Eastern Leg of HS2 is delivered in full and as soon as possible.


HS2 East - Connecting Britain
HS2 East - Connecting Britain


  • HS2 East is gearing up for HS2 by investing in long-term strategies to prime our people, business, cities, towns and counties to fully realise all its benefits
  • Greater connectivity will open up new markets, boost jobs, increase investment and stimulate productivity
  • Without the eastern leg, the whole of HS2 is weaker
  • Without HS2, future generations will be left in the economic slow lane
  • HS2 East is over 12 million people in a network of city and county regions ready to capitalise on the opportunities of HS2

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